F Style Flex-Flex Couplings
The F Sort coupling includes two flex hubs, two sleeves and one accessory kit. This coupling is supplied with exposed bolts as common. Shrouded bolts can be found on request via size 5.5.
Patented Vari-Crown? tooth kind for long life
Normal 20° pressure angle
Heat taken care of bolts for greater strength
Corrosion resistant bolts and nuts for ease of maintenance
Presents parallel, angular misalignment and end float
Flex Half coupling interchangeable with industry requirements
Ordering Data
Application: Driver and Driven.
Kind and size of coupling, horizontal, vertical and so on.
Power: Motor horspower or torque requirement.
Speed: Motor RPM or Driven RPM.
Distance amongst shaft ends (BSE).
Shaft sizes.

Nylon Sleeve Series Flexible Couplings
The series is really a conventional coupling with two hubs, a nylon sleeve, and retaining rings based upon the model chosen. The coupling features a precision molded nylon sleeve and powder metal hub without bolts, pins, flanges, or protrusions that may have an result on balance or operational security. Because no lubrication is employed, the couplings can readily be adapted to numerous applications including vertical and blind installations.
Compact in size
Maintenance Absolutely free – No Lubrication necessary
Can accommodate axial, angular, and parallel misalignment
Effortless to assemble
Electrically insulating
Is often utilized in temperature ranges from -25° to 80° C (optional 140° C)
Nylon sleeve has substantial resistance to condensation and water, hydrocarbon based petroleums, and alcohols
Not perfect for use with acids, benzyl based mostly merchandise, cresol, or glycols